Markets explanation: Half & Full Time

Half Time Betting (HT) corresponds to the type of betting when a player puts money on a match where only the first half of the event matters. Second is not taken into consideration. For example you place a bet of $100 on the match Real Madrid – Barcelona – Home Win (HT) at odds 1.90. If the match finishes with a win for Real Madrid after 45’ played you win your bet. If the game draws or Barcelona wins by the first half you lose your bet. What happens in the second half does not matter.

Second Half Betting is basically the same as First Half Betting with the only difference that all that is taken into consideration is the second half. For more info please take a look at ‘First Half Betting (HT)’.

Full Time Betting (FT) is like betting on 1X2. The whole 90’ including over times matter for the final outcome.